About Us

About Us

Onecaretips is a health niche blog where you will get the information about every disease and condition. If you are suffering from a serious illness and you have tried your best to cure it but you didn’t, just because the treatment is more expensive, or you didn’t get the best doctor or hospital then you have landed in the right place.

Onecaretips is an online health guide or platform where we will fulfill and try to satisfy the user search intent on Google.

Are you excited to know which type of information you will get on onecaretips.com?

Hey your search intent to find out the best dentist near me, the best cardiologist near me, the best kidney stone treatment, best cancer hospital in India, or you want to know more about any disease, here I will share the information like about diseases, symptoms, causes, prevention, best treatment, emergency treatment, best doctor, best hospital, health insurance, government schemes, health tips, comparison between allopathic, Ayurvedic, homeopathy, and Unani, with the help of best doctors, medical students, and trusted blogs on Google. Even you can also comment or e-mail me at onecaretips@gmail.com who is the best doctor in your location who can do the best treatment at affordable prices to help poor and middle-class people or any person who is helpless.

Why I started Onecaretips.com?

From childhood, I have observed and experienced that many people who suffered from chronic and long-term diseases, due to the lack of knowledge and guidance they didn’t get the best treatment on time, and this made people lose money and wealth. Many of them even didn’t get diagnosed with the problem. They were unknown to the exact reasons and symptoms. To give appropriate knowledge and to guide them regarding the diseases and health problems I made the effort to start onecaretips.com, just to give them relief from health problems and diseases.

  1. When I was 15 years old, my father had pain in his left arm, one day my father felt dizzy and he fell out of his chair. On the advice of family and friends, my father consulted a cardiologist in Gulbarga who is running home care.

Dr. Viranna examined my father and said that he had no heart disease, it was all due to high blood pressure (B.P), and he started treatment to control B.P.

You will be shocked to know that this treatment lasted 3 years, but it had no effect. Finally, MR Javeed took my father and consulted a neurologist at care hospital, Nampally, Hyderabad. My father only remembers the doctor’s surname.

Dr. Agarwal examined and suggested to undergo an MRI. When Mr. Javeed and my father asked at the front desk for an MRI at the hospital, she told them to pay 5,000 Rupees for an MRI.

MR Javeed knew the things and knowledge about the hospital they went to Image hospital at Ameerpet Hyderabad and asked the receptionist for an MRI, she told them to pay 3,000 Rupees for an MRI

Doctor Agarwal, after reviewing the MRI reports, told them that your left arm pain was due to a buried cervical nerve. He began treatment and gave him a collar belt, as well as additional medications and precautions. My father was slowly recovered, now he is healthy

  1. Here I am sharing a painful story, recently I lost my nephew & cousin sister in covid19 lockdown due to improper cesarean delivery and continuous bleeding; she survives more than an hour. We were helpless we can’t get blood on time
  2. I got inspiration from two of our Indian gigantic actors Aamir khan and Salman khan from Satyameva Jayate,

where Aamir khan and Salman khan shared an inspirational a story about tuberculosis in which Salman khan addresses that his father (Saleem khan) was kept away from his mother due to chronic T.B. disease this part of the video touched my heart.

Even I inspired by the people who are from different professions but helping T.B patients. If you also want to help people and protect them from these incidents share this blog with your friends and family and also comment or email who is the best doctor, which is the best hospital in your location.