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This patient came to me for a routine dental checkup. I was about to examine him & I asked my assistant to give me the examination set. He (patient) said please don’t use these instruments on anyone else, I’m Hep-C positive. ⛔

I inquired how he got Hep-C. He proceeded with the heartbreaking statement “Mujhe Hep-C daanto ki safai karwane se hua hai”. (I got this disease “Hep-C” from having my teeth cleaned). 💔

I asked him ‘kaha se karwayi thi aapne safai?’ (From where did you get the cleaning done?)
“He: govt hospital se, unho ne used instruments se mere daant saaf kiye the”. (From Govt Hospital, they cleaned my teeth with used instruments).

This guy is just 25 years old, I’m glad he’s recovering but the trauma caused is not recoverable. I can feel & see the pain in his eyes. 😓
I urge all the people to double-check the dental instruments & make sure you are getting your treatment done at the right place from the right person. 🦷
This is your right to ask the dentist to show you the sterilization done paper. If he fails to provide you the paper, don’t ever get your treatment done from that place.

You can also check the instruments by looking at the sterilization pouch.
There’s different kind of indicators that change its color after sterilization. Here’s a sample from my clinic: 🆗️
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